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About Countryside Stewardship Grants

Countryside Stewardship (CS) was launched in 2015, and replaces both Environmental Stewardship and the English Woodland Grant Scheme. The overriding objectives of this scheme are water quality, flood management and biodiversity, and you’ll find these themes running consistently through all the grant types. As an applicant you’ll quickly realise that everything you need is online, but don’t be surprised at the frustration of finding all the relevant information quickly. The key is to read the relevant sections of the CS Manual and application documents which are held here, or to get in contact with our Forestry department.

We’ll be happy to advise you. The PDF versions of the CS manuals are excellent as you can search for keywords, but we appreciate a conversation can be much easier.

Note: some key application documents are withdrawn outside of the application window, but you can still find out the basics by referring to the manuals.

To keep up-to-date with CS and the application windows for woodland related grants, we would recommend you sign up to receive the Forestry Commissions email alerts. These are very helpful, and you can register for them here.

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